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90+% of 1st Responders
are prepared to read a USB Medi-Chip Flash Drive in their emergency vehicle

EMR USB Medi-Chip Flash Drive

Give one as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations or just because you care.

Be sure to keep one for yourself.
Medical USB Gold Link Chain Bracelet

Medical USB Gold Link Chain Bracelet

Medical USB Gold Link Chain Bracelet
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Look Like a Millionaire!!!

This Medical USB Gold Link Chain Bracelet will light up the room and have everyone talking about you!  And when they do, you can share information about your 'Key-2-Life' USB Medi-Chip!  It is just like the cool ID bracelets from the 1950s and 1960s! The 'Fonz' wore one on Happy Days.  Maybe you, a parent or grandparent wore one as well!  Well this is one of the best digital age medical USBs that you can find to match those ‘oldies but goodies’!

Your polished gold tone USB Medi-Chip is sure to get some attention as it is very attractive and functional. It can be customized with lengths from approximately 6 ½ to 8 ½ inches in length. The large size provides two (2) sturdy links per inch of band.  The USB Medi-Chip EMR (Emergency Medical Record) gold tone Chain Bracelet features a 2gb chip that holds all of your medical information.

A SGMS USB Medi-Chip will grow with you over the years.  Put all your pertinent medical information on it now and add to it as time goes by.  The Key-2-Life' software provides a simple self contained program to enter information.  If the owner is not able to enter information, a friend or relative can enter it for him/her.  Only the password is needed to add and delete medical information.  Without the password, medical information can only be viewed. 


  • SGMS Corp. patented ‘Key-2-Life' Medi-Chip software
  • No drivers needed; software is self contained.
  • Compatible with PC
  • Memory – 2 gb
  • Waterproof/Resistant The Medi-Chip is waterproof but much of our jewelry is only water resistant.  If exposed to water, the USB chip and casing should be rinsed and dried thoroughly.  Both may corrode if exposed to chlorine, salt water or other corrosive substances.
  • No storage of records required on- or off-line
  • Emergency six-sided symbol on all Medi-Chips in red or red outline
  • Tutorial included
  • Interactive - download and upload medical records from your health care professional
  • Allows you to take charge of all your medical records
  • Meets federal requirement to carry 5 forms of electronic ID by 2014
  • Extra storage for personal and/or business documents
  • 256 AES encryption software
  • 30 day money back guarantee - Medi-Chip must be in original condition
  • 1 year replacement guarantee from manufacturing defects
  • 10 year memory retention guarantee


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